Caring for Your New Pet

Your new pet will require a period of adjustment when you introduce it to your home. There are many methods to best accodomate your pet during this transitional period.

 Adult Dogs 

  • Since an adult dog has already gone through socialization stage, it can be without constant supervision. 
  • Already house-trained dogs can wait up to eight hours for a walk.
  • Two dogs may be better than one as they can keep each other company while owner is away. (A dog-cat combination also works.) 


  • Need to be fed 3-4 times daily.
  • Must be taken outside every few hours.
  • Close supervision required.
  • To develop close social bonds with humans, must interact with owner most of the day.

A puppy's first week at home requires special attention:

  • New puppy essentials include: high quality puppy food,food and water bowls that can be sanitized easily,crate for a bed, puppy shampoo and proper grooming tools,collar, leash and "Nyla-Bone" chew toys
  • Stress: Physical problems are often brought on by unavoidable stress and are similar to problems you might have if you were moving to a new area. Just like you, the puppy may not sleep or eat as regularly as it would in more familiar surroundings. Some puppies ease through the transition to their new homes, while others may have a harder time.
    The most important objective is to get the puppy to eat. Small breeds are more susceptible to low blood sugar and may need additional feedings in small quantities. Some puppies require privacy, coaxing, or companionship to eat. Every puppy is different. You should contact your vet anytime your puppy goes more than twelve hours without eating.
  • Rest: Rest is very important to the puppy. Puppies generally sleep throughout the day, waking only to play for a short time, eat, and eliminate waste. Do not expect the puppy to run and play all day. A human baby does not play all day either. Treat your puppy just the same as if it was a newborn infant being brought home from the hospital and you won't go wrong.
  • Diet: Feed you puppy high quality puppy food. These foods are much more concentrated than the typical grocery store brands. Even though they cost a little more than commercial store brands, you generally feed your puppy smaller amounts of high quality food than grocery store varieties. High quality foods greatly decrease stool volume, making housebreaking easier.
    Feed puppies 3-4 time daily until six months of age. Then feed twice daily until one year of age. Adult dogs can be fed either once or twice daily.
    Feed the puppy all it will eat in 15 minutes each feeding. Do not leave the food out continuously if you are trying to house-train the pup.
    Dry food is recommended over canned food because it is more economical and it is easier to store. Dry food is also better for dental care. The nutritional content is the same. If desired, a tablespoon of canned dog food can be mixed with the dry food to enhance the flavor.
    The puppy's diet should never be changed rapidly. The puppy might not eat the strange food, or if it does eat, develop diarrhea leading to dehydration and other complications. Diet changes should be made over a 2-4 week period to prevent digestive upsets.
  • Bathing: A bath is okay whenever it is needed, provided the puppy is thoroughly dried to prevent chilling. A blow dryer is preferred to insure complete drying.
    As a rule, puppies should not be bathed more than once each week. Ask your vet to recommend a good shampoo. It is important to use a shampoo that is pH balanced for a dog to prevent irritation of the pet's skin. Most over-the-counter shampoos are not. This is the major reason pets scratch after a bath with an over-the-counter product.

Adult Cats 

  • Since an adult cat has already gone through socialization stage, it can be without constant supervision. 
  • Needs to remain inside at all times.
  • Can be left at home for longer periods of time.
  • Two cats may be better than one, as they can keep each other company while owner is away.


  • Needs to be fed 3-4 times daily.
  • Close supervision required.
  • To develop close social bonds with humans, must interact with owner most of the day. 

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